Lily Vasquez Raises $50,000 On Sellaband

Lily Vasquez, singer/songwriter born in Colombia and raised in New York, has become part of a revolution in the music industry by becoming the first Latina to reach the goal imposed by the European consortium of collecting, with assistance from internet fans, $50,000 to produce her own CD.

Pasi?n de Mujer will be released globally in iTunes, Amazon, starting April 15th and in stores shortly thereafter. “Pasi?n de Mujer,” the title of the CD is also Lily Vasquez’s first promotional single in which she debuts as a composer. Included in her album are pop/ballads she has written. Volvamos a Empezar, an R&B type duet with Angel L?pez, who previously sang with “Son By Four”, a group that has won several awards for their hit song “A Puro Dolor/ Purest Pain.” “Perdida,” another of her Lilyπs songs on the album, leans towards Latin rock.Pasi?n de Mujer blends many rich musical elements by combining rhythms. Yomo Toro, the best and most eminent cuatro player in the world, also lends his talents as well as legendary violinist Alfredo de la F?.

Lily Vasquez, a professional singer, composer, dancer and actress, began practicing her artistry at the age of 4 years old in her native Colombia as she participated in diverse folkloric and artistic presentations until she migrated to the United States as an adolescent. Born in Barranquilla, Colombia under the sign of Aquarius, Lily Vasquez recognizes that her love for music came from her mother, who was a vocal teacher.

For more information please visit: Her musical production shows the effort many independent recording artists go through to so their music can be heard worldwide. The support of companies like highly recognizes this in the music industry and, without a doubt, saw Lily as a shining star. is an internet site where musicians who lack the support of big record labels subscribe and give fans or music lovers the opportunity to listen to their songs. If they like them, they may purchase one or more shares for 10 dollars each. Once the artist reaches 50 thousand dollars, Sellaband provides the tools to record a high quality CD with producers and studios the industry demands.

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