Winston-Salem, NC — Rarely does one come across anything genuinely new in music. All the many genres have been mixed together and blended so much that originality often looks as if it has fallen by the wayside. This is not the case with Osaru on his debut album, Home.

His is a unique vocal style, a one-off musical vision and an out of the ordinary personal story. Unlike many of his musical peers, Osaru has spent years honing his talents before cutting a record, and the maturity shows.

Having learnt African percussion at the age of 8, church organ at 9 and subsequently discovering the joys of the keyboard and bass guitar, Osaru went on to play music in three separate continents. His inspirations coming from the worlds of soul, jazz, R&B, hip hop, reggae and even traditional African music. Only after such an extensive musical education, and while simultaneously working as a physician in North Carolina, has Osaru decided to share his gifts with the world.

Listening to the quality and diversity of Home, you will agree that it was certainly worth the wait. The album combines hip hop and R&B beats with jazzy instrumentation and even elements of classical music. This all comes together to form a whole that is satisfyingly head-nodding at first, but deeper and more interesting the more you listen.

There is something here for everyone, without the quality ever being compromised. From the dance floor inspired Start the Dancing to the slow, contemplative soul of the title track Home, Osaru is adept at supplying every musical need.

There is music for getting into the groove at the club, in the shape of I Know and Made Up My Mind, and there is also music for those quieter moments – The ‘Piano version’ of Pretty Lady and ’24’ spring to mind here. However, most of all, this is music for lovers of great music who do not want to be constrained by the narrow boundaries of genre.

The best news is that this is only the beginning. Although Home has only just hit the shops, Osaru is already working on his next album, which he promises to deliver in the next Year. If it?s anything like this one, it can?t come soon enough.



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