Books, Music, Food and fun what more could you possibly ask for when you get a combination like this? I?d say you?ve gotten yourself into some type of festival but one that revolves around books? I can understand music and food and fun but why would a festival want to revolve around books. Well it turns out books are the most important source of fun you could ever imagine because their pages take you to faraway lands and islands and worlds of the unknown all you have to do is imagine it and it will become as real as you make it. That?s what happens when you gather together thousands of various authors both new and upcoming to classic and oldies but goodie authors.

This festival is known only as The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and is taken place at the UCLA campus and admission is absolutely free just bring along your friends and family members and you get two full days of access! Meet thousands of authors and take the time of chilling out on some great foods and listening in on some of the coolest music around. But that?s not all you get thrown with, when attending this type of festival there are prize giveaways and panel discussions with the authors and various vendors willing to help you find your way. Six different stages (Target Children’s Stage, Culinary Stage, Los Angeles Times Stage, Etc. Stage, Poetry Stage, and the Hoy Cultural Stage) were set up that started showcasing various authors and conducting interviews since the beginning of the event at 10 A..M. Lasting long into the nightfall of 4 and 5 P.M. The exhibitor’s list contained some of the following sponsors that were dishing out the goodness throughout the day such as Target, TicketMaster, Time Warner Cable, AmazonKindle, ktla5CE, and various radio stations dishing out the smooth jazz mix-ups to the mellowness of the rock and roll beatings. Some authors that plan to outbreak and spread the worth knowledge of the free words found only in books, includes Robert Crais, Michael J. Fox, Tori Spelling, and Larry Wilmore, among the other 450 authors planning on hanging out.

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books should be one event this spring time you should gather everyone for because it indeed does have something for everyone no matter how old they may be. You?ll have a great time hanging around thousands of book lovers, wonderful food, and music atmosphere for the entire UCLA campus surroundings. There is never a dull moment when you attend The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books!