When it comes to newbie’s what is to be expected of them, well nothing really because they’re not quite familiar with the whole picture as of yet. But in this case this handful of newbie’s – Brandon Davis (Vocals), Alan Ashcraft (Drums), Shane Murray (Keys), Colin St. Claire (Bass) and Sam Hafer (Guitars), have brought out some uniqueness all their own, calling themselves Across The Sun.

Since the formation in 2004, Across The Sun has maintained their status as the “hardest working band in the Northwest” this leaving them a few years to unleash not only one but two highly acclaimed EP’s – both garnered to the local and national media’s attention’s span, that they’ve received radio airplay along with sharing the stage with some of today’s most notorious acts around.

Across The Sun’s out-standing talent is immediately obvious when you break it down on their latest addition “Pestilence & Rapture.” Six songs of absolute progression and obsession, containing all the massive buzz surrounding these hard hitting rock stars, opening tune “May Silence Keep You,” breaks away showcasing the band’s musical influences upfront and personal 100% – this meaning the instruments sound uptight and bring out the music a lot more narrow and heavier having the vocal chords to clash against the music altogether unleashing this unbearable sound wave of music.

As far as the other 5 remainders go, “Angelic Deception,” along with “The Illusionist,” both bring out that same airwaves that As I Lay Dying and Bullet for my Valentine tend to do, having the music being obsessively heavy at the start and thrown in bits and pieces in between and then mellows it all out with its crisp clear vocal chords with minor scarps and screams. “Pestilence & Rapture,” is a force field of static shock that continues to electrify their surroundings everywhere they strike, making their marks highly recognizable.