Aiden’s Ticket to Hell


“Did somebody loose a book?” shouts WiL front man of goth punk rock ‘n’ roll sensation Aiden, the audience replied “No” along with cheers and shouts then WiL remarks “Oh well it?s about God, too bad there is no such thing.” as he tosses the book over his shoulder and the band breaks into the remainder of their set. Coming out of Seattle who knew that these intense and aggressive four young talents had what it takes to create such angry music. That is what Will has been asked repeatedly in his current interview mayhem but his response “I’m not angry, I’m afraid.”


Who wouldn’t be afraid especially how the current economy is affecting us both health wise and moneywise we will all fall straight to the depths of hell. Never having the chance to witness “The Last Sunrise,” was the introduction tune that got the entire Knitting Factory in Hollywood flowing with complete energy, sweat, and tears. As the band broke into a short but simple 45 minute set list that consists of the old, new, and newest mixture of tunes, “The Last Sunrise,” “Die Romantic,” “Teenage Queen,” We Sleep Forever,” newest single off their fourth accomplishment “Knives,” entitled “Scavenger of the Damned,” along with “Killing Machine,” that kept the energy impacted and flowing. When their set hit mid-way point the crowd chanted ?Aiden, Aiden, Aiden,? as the band freshened up briefly and ran back onto the stage to conclude their set for the night with not one, but two tracks in store.


The audience accepted the band?s departure and continued to rant and rave through the first of the two songs remaining and then hell itself opened up from underneath us as WiL wraps up the night ?We are Aiden and we will see you on this summer?s Van?s Warped Tour 2009!? ?Now everyone knows what this is right?? as the entire floor split into two half?s everyone awaiting the fun and excitement that awaited the conclusion of the night. As the song broke into ?I Set My Friends On Fire,? the two half?s came together smashing against one another some going up into the air while others scrambled to get up off the ground as the band continued to rock ‘n’ roll their way until the very end. WiL hopping onto the floor while others hopped into the stage singing, dancing and expressing themselves in every way possible Aiden in the end drawing in the intensity that will blaze on until their light is burnt out under the worse circumstances.

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