Alastair Greene Band a three-some trio of musicians consisting of Alastair Greene (Vocals/Guitar), Tom Lackner (Drums) and Jim Rankin (Bass) have banded together to bring to you a collection of attributing tunes they couldn’t live without expressing. Within the sound waves of “Walking in Circles,” 11-tracks in total, 6 being original songs while the other 5 ranges from numerous cover tunes altogether being a well-rounded piece of art. Greene says “I love the music and want to be respectful of the form and history yet still be true to myself and my musical goals,” Greene adding “If that means things start to rock out, get experimental, loud, and crazy or I choose to cover more traditional territory, it?s all part of what I love about Blues and its musical off shoots.” All of that being said and done makes “Walking in Circles,” that more noticeable. Some of the tracks that tend to stick out the most includes “Get Out Of My Life, Woman,” “Say What You Want,” “Cut You Loose,” and “Merry-Go Round,” all of which showcasing the real essence that music is creating. Establishing not only a source for the music to slither on through but it presents itself at ease exposing itself heavy and hard on certain aspects as well. The instruments really work well together showing off their off-beating tempo rhythms with eye popping vocal cord tactics balancing it all out. It puts the fun back in “funtastic” letting Alastair Greene Band show you exactly how it?s done.