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Amon Amarth

Who hasn’t heard of the Viking themed action packed metalers Amon Amarth? Being formed from Tumba, Sweden in 1988 and being named from the J.R.R. Tolkien series Amon Amarth have unleashed upon the world several studio albums, EP’s and DVD with various music videos to delight and entertain the diehard metalhead buried within you. Having toured all over the globe thus far into their career and played to sold out crowds everywhere they rome Amon Amarth is a non-stop fighting machine with action packed adrenaline that cannot be contained, much longer especially when it comes to their latest addition “Twilight of the Thunder God,” which featured guest appearances by various metal musicians wanting to give a shout out and share their creativity to the heavy thrashing Vikings we so adore and can’t get enough of…. But that?s not all you get when you’ve witnessed the sight and sound of a band so great, their lyrical themes take part in all their musical creations having based most of their tunes on Norse mythology, the Biking Age, and pre-Christian world. These elements combined to unleash such a thunderous force God himself cannot withstand the chaos torment just waiting to be unrevealed. An interview was conducted with the front man himself John Hegg and he gave his word on the way his band is currently heading and the appease the new album has gotten.

1. Introduce yourself; tell me what you do in Amon Amarth, and how long the band has been together.

My name is Johan Hegg I’m the vocalist of Amon Amarth and we’ve been together since 1992.

2. Where is the band from and what is the metal scene like there?

We’re from Stockholm Sweden, and the metal scene is growing really rapidly.

3. What do you think of touring with Slayer in Europe/do you think we’ll be seeing you two touring together in the U.S.?

It’s going to be a great tour in Europe and a great honor to be on tour with Slayer and as far as the line-up and not sure if that will be happening.

4. I heard about you guys doing club gigs where you perform entire album sets I believe, do you plan to bring this idea to the U.S.?

Probably only a 1 time event, four days four albums, so to speak, it?s a special event and that one special occasion and 1 time chance.

5. Why did you name your band after the Lord of the Rings?

*Laughs* We thought the name sounded cool and had a cool meaning, simple as that.

6. Is MySpace the great Satan of the 21st Century?

It’s a good way to expose music and have bands inform others on what we’re up too in that sense its great I don’t have a personal MySpace account but it’s good for bands, but personally it’s not something I would put much effort into.

7. Where did you get ideas and inspirations for some of the lyrics on “Twilight of Thunder God”/Who did the artwork and how much input did you have on it?

Mythology stuff is inspired by history and modern stuff and some stuff was from movies and stuff like that its from different things really.
Amon Amarth

8. What are your future plans for Amon Amarth?

We’re doing this tour now and then going to Europe to tour with Slayer and a few shows in December and then Spring more tours. So basically touring touring touring!

9. What do you think of this year’s presidential election? Do you like any of the candidates?

Personally I don’t really like to talk about it, because I don’t see what that has to do with Amon Amarth or music so doesn’t care about that stuff.

10. Would you ever want to do an all acoustic show, like most bands turn to from time to time.

No, never going to happen.

11. Would you be able to possibly go through the songs and briefly describe the meaning of some of them?

It’s hard to pick a favorite.

Amon Amarth

12. How’s the tour going thus far, even though it’s very early into your schedule?

It’s been really good so far we’ve only done 2 so far, its a good line-up The Absence and Belgheor is a good line-up it looks to be a good tour, most shows will be sold out, it’s been great.

13. Describe your music to an elderly church lady.

Music that will fucking kick your ass!

14. When you look back on when Amon Amarth first started out, what do you think of you guys now?

We’re improved not just as musicians but as people and keep getting better and growing and is very important and develop as a band. Moving forward so it’s really important and its something we feel we’ve accomplished of being a band.

15. Would you guys ever consider doing like a theatrical theme like for example you guys are on a boat for your title track would you guys ever come out on stage on boat and perform? I think that’d be a cool idea.

We’ve had a Viking ship on stage out in Europe, and we used it but bringing it to the states its a big thing to bring and would be difficult to bring it all depends we would think about it and possibly bring that out on the road and see what happens.

16. Do you guys ever get tired or annoyed of hearing the same questions during an interview/how many do you think you’ve done?

All the time, it sounds about right, that’s the way it is, surreal life of a Journalist, we have to answer it 1,000 or even 1,000 more whatever comes out whether new or old questions.

17. Will we be seeing a new LIVE CD/DVD anytime soon?

We have a bonus DVD with our latest CD, very high quality with the Viking ship, its something we just brought in, we’ve been talking about it making another DVD we want to do something but haven’t discussed it yet we have to sit down and discuss it but will do something.

18. Is there any band out there that you’d definitely want to tour with?

Well Slayer is one band but we would love to go out on tour with other bands and get them their existence, and we would go out with any band and tour with them we get along with them well.

19. Would you guys ever do a tour in celebration of how long you been together, like “we’ve been together for 10 years let go celebrate by doing a tour!”

We never really talk about that stuff or important to us, we can make a living out of just our music and touring, maybe I’m not going t say never but it depends but just got to wait and see. We’re on our 16th year so we’ll see.

20. Any thoughts or comments?

Hello to all the people, go check out the new record and we’ll be coming to your town and kicking some ass!

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