Architects began like most bands would consider themselves as one type of genre and then be thrown from the front of the line to the center to the very back but where exactly does this leave the Architects? Standing precisely in the center of course, since the formation in late 2004, the band has won some great recognition from various press publications throughout the world – have given the chance many times to share the stage with bands ranging from Bring Me the Horizon, to Emmure down to Parkway Drive plus many more.

This time around the Architects’s third album titled “Hollow Crown,” is on the horizon of our enjoyment with its compelling riffs and desperate screaming vocals thrown in between, minus the handful of break downs found spread out within the mix – the band’s progressive sound takes a step forward allowing the bass guitar’s actions to perform an asymmetric rhythm, flirting constantly with the singer’s special vocal tactics. Sam Carter’s style has been worked upon quite well having what we listen to be as smooth as possible with its quick changes to the clean sided vocals creating an on/off method.

The Architects have become one of those bands that follow upon the style they have chose to throw out, and hand picking a selection of favorites is not bearable because each of these songs crafts together some extreme potential and own uniqueness, so best thing would to do would be to go check out this band for yourself because you’d regret it if you didn’t.