Artspages Signs With RightsFlow For Mechanical Licensing And Royalty Services

New York, NY – Artspages, a leading digital distributor from Norway, and RightsFlow, a provider of licensing and royalty services, announced today that Artspages will utilize RightsFlow’s proprietary mechanical licensing system (“FLOW”) to license, account, and pay publisher royalties for DPD, interactive streams and limited downloads, including subscription and ad-supported models on behalf of Artspages’ label clients.

“Partnering with RightsFlow helps us solve a common headache for our distributed labels – clearing publishing rights for the United States,” stated Dagfinn Saetra, Managing Director of Artspages. “Now our labels can tap into the knowledge base of RightsFlow in remedying the situation and adapt to the recent rates set by the Copyright Royalty Board.”

“RightsFlow is very happy to announce this latest agreement with Artspages,” stated Patrick Sullivan, President and CEO of RightsFlow. “We are excited to help further Artspages’ goal in helping their labels in providing a one-stop solution to handle their mechanical licensing, accounting, and royalty needs.”

Under U.S. Copyright Law, mechanical licenses are required for music to be distributed through online music services. The current U.S. statutory mechanical rate for permanent downloads is 9.1? for songs five minutes or less and 1.75? per minute for songs over five minutes. Limited download and interactive streaming services generally pay a mechanical royalty of 10.5 percent of revenue, less amounts owed for performance royalties. RightsFlow’s licensing service utilizes the bulk licensing system of The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA), a leading U.S. music rights licensing organization, to ensure publishers and songwriters are properly compensated under U.S. law.

About Artspages:

Artspages is a leading digital distributor based in Oslo, Norway providing distribution services for labels worldwide to iTunes,, Beatport, Napster, and Rhapsody among others. Clients include Border Music Distribution, Jazzland, Propeller Recordings, Division Records, and Tell? Records.

About RightsFlow:

RightsFlow offers Mechanical Licensing & Royalty Solutions for labels, distributors, and online music services. We specialize in obtaining bulk mechanical, DPD, and ringtone licenses including streaming, tethered, and limited downloads rights. Our proprietary “FLOW” system allows us to license, account, and pay royalties directly to the Harry Fox Agency (HFA) and the thousands of publishers not represented by HFA. Today, RightsFlow services over 1,200 labels for mechanical and DPD licensing. Some of the many clients we service include marquee companies such as EMI Music, Muzak, Active International, Artspages, CD Baby, Mint Records, IODA, Pandigital, TV Land, Audible Magic, One Italia, YouLicense, Constellation Wines (Blackstone), X5 Music Group, Zebralution, 180 Music, La Cupula Music, C.A.M. Original Soundtracks, BFM Digital, and Disc Makers, among others. For more information on RightsFlow’s services and management team, visit