Attack Attack

In the world of music there’s always a new “trend” that creeps up on you every now and then and most bands pick up and try to make it their own. Such as Attack Attack! after they’ve busted into the scene with their debut hit “Someday Came Suddenly,” a combo of tunes that keeps that new trend of techno beatings up to speed keeping the music flowing non-stop.

The album itself is very catchy from beginning to end, as soon as you hear the opening tune “Hot Grills, and High Tops,” you get hooked like a fish. These guys are well known for their live show but this album captures that live show experience instantly containing that upbeat, and uplifting styles of music that never gets tiring or old. The guitar work, plays peacefully along with the keyboards as the vocals snare and growl and scream until they can’t handle the pain and pressure any longer such as on “Bro, Ashely’s Here,” which packs that powerful music energy all over it.

“Catfish Soup,” is another tune worth mentioning because it just like the others named beforehand brings out that repeating music that tends to get annoying fast and quick. Drawing in a bore not letting the music be as creative as we thought it was going to become. But Attack Attack! has made their name and musical style well known and it will not be forgotten because its a music style that just keeps on giving.