Avenger Of Blood
It’s ten o’clock do you know where your soul is? I know where stuck in the fiery depths if hell! Allowing the heat wave of the fire consume you having each droplet of sweat turn into mist which slithers its way throughout the hell hole leading down a path of pure destruction. This cause of destruction can only led to a stage set up with instruments only Satan himself can control. Thus he gives you Avenger of Blood! Doing their first performance of this New Year letting it roll right off their backs with ease as their set list consists of a 45 minute set up the band rocked the Knitting Factory venue completely to the small packed house of people that showed up wanting rock out right along with the band. The band themselves was highly energetic doing windmills every splitting second each song was played through playing hits off their latest “Death Brigade,” throwing out some amazing guitar styling riffs with rocking solos breaking the sound waves completely. Songs rocked out included “Vicious Onslaught,” “Assassins,” “Beneath the Curse,” “Sadistic Inquisitor,” plus new tune “Hell Patrol,” along with of course the title tune “Death Brigade.” During their performance one of the fans in the audience was rocking out hard as Sal Lalli (Guitarist/Vocalist) was getting the crowds energy up and running a fan rocked out so hard to gain some attention the guitarist was rotating the microphone around facing it towards the crowd it plopped head on into the fans eyeball. Guitarist Sal Lalli bent down and apologized to the die-hard fan just wanting to show some heavy metal support. All in all Avenger of Blood through together a killer show on the chilly but fiery depths of Hollywood Blvd letting everyone know around them that hell had been brought upon Los Angeles.