BerserkerfoX King Kong on Crack

Four years said and done and a series of jam sessions later, death metal act BerserkerfoX came together in the hopes of progressing a style all their own, yet formatting a band to put their musical abilities to the test – by unleashing “King Kong On Crack” a brief EP expressing the band in all ways possible.

This EP immediately exposes itself with raw heart-pounding drum beats, with thrashing rhythm tones that clashes together the overall opening tune of “Flag of Blood”. It starts off as your average headbanging tune but soon fades away as the guitar’s progressive style’s take over turning this progressive style of metal into a slip and slide roller coaster ride. “Self Professed Kings,” has its moments but the music just lacks the energy and momentum that the first song maintained to create. Whereas this song and the closer tend to not have such an affect – no doubt about it BerserkerfoX does maintain its progressive style and side effects located here and there but the guitars tend to drown out most of the music playing in the background not filling in what’s really needed.

This EP isn’t your average take on the metal genre, because it takes a lot of focus and thought to want to listen in on these tracks – each guitar line is well crafted and placed together with its simple riffs and drums pounding against your ear drum there is no remorse yet alone anything that hasn’t been heard already. BerserkerfoX’s “King Kong on Crack,” is your EP worthy of a cause of which has no meaning.

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