Billionaire Banker Turned Recording Artist, Sir Ivan, Debuts New “Rocktronica” Take On ’60s Classics
100 Percent Of Artist’s Net Profits Will Go To His Peaceman Foundation, Which He Created To Battle Hate Crimes And Treat Victims Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

New York City, NY- You may know him as the billionaire banker bachelor turned singer – the unique, undeniably eccentric Ivan Wilzig a.k.a. “Sir Ivan.” He makes headlines with his wild parties at his Hampton?s castle that is quickly claiming notoriety as the Playboy Mansion of the East Coast and inspired the naming of his alter ego, Sir Ivan.

Sir Ivan is breathing new life into the musical and social legacy of the 1960s with his debut album, I AM PEACEMAN, created in a “rocktronica” format – exciting blends of rich melodies with live guitar riffs and an undercurrent of electronic beats. On the new 15 song album, Sir Ivan once again re-interprets “Imagine”, along with 14 other 60s classics, including “For What It’s Worth,” “Blowin’ In The Wind,” “Eve of Destruction,” “Turn, Turn, Turn” and “Get Together.”

“Woodstock was much more than a three-day concert,” says Sir Ivan, “it was a rallying point for a generation that rejected hate, violence and war and wanted to replace it with love and peace. I think this is a good time for everyone to re-explore the music that forged a revolution.”

Sir Ivan first found success in 2001 with his top-40 dance remake of John Lennon?s “Imagine,” which was recorded with Grammy nominated producer Ernie Lake.

The album’s concept began eight years ago with Sir Ivan’s dream to record a 60s album that would generate royalties for world peace. He believes that music truly can make a difference in people’s lives and affect the way they treat each other. For that reason, he created The Peaceman Foundation, which supports an array of charities dedicated to fighting Hate Crimes and treating the victims of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

To further promote peace through his music and foundation, Sir Ivan always performs in “peace capes,” which has earned him the title “PEACEMAN,” the rock star superhero fighting for peace.

Sir Ivan is undeniably a great interview, from his innovative “rocktronica” 60s covers to his fascinating background. He is forthcoming and willing to answer all questions you may have.

Please go to these websites to review his unreleased album at,, and The first song you hear, “For What It’s Worth” is already generating a buzz.

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