Blessthefall were nothing but your average high school teenagers with one thing on their mind which was music! After a series of practice sessions that consisted of guitarist Mike Frisby, drummer Matt Traynor, vocalist Craig Mabbitt and bassist Jared Warth. Their founder Miles Bergsma had left to attend college, and the band had gone off to unleashed a three-track EP in mid-2005, adding guitarist Eric Lambert to form an out-standing solid line-up.

Once the EP was over with the next accomplishment for these youngsters was on the horizon and led them to release “His Last Walk” (2007) that caused vocalist Craig Mabbit to depart and leave the band to have the remaining musicians to fill in as the band embarked on numerous amounts of touring routes. But this minor discharge didn’t stop Blessthefall from performing yet alone recording and writing their follow-up “Witness” – returning with a whole new style and led front man to guide the way, Beau Boken – the band had seen the light and the 12-tracks that followed.

“God Wears Gucci,” ‘To Hell and Back,” “We’ll Sleep When We’re Dead,” along with “What’s Left Of Me,” have all been featured upon the band’s MySpace page causing a major uproar for all to enjoy and compare their previous achievements. But unlike the past the present is among us and these songs selections take on a whole new exposure to what Blessthefall is aiming towards, which is creating a unique but classy style molding to their much earlier works but this newer material – expands itself further along as far as lyrics, and music compression goes.

“Witness,” partakes in a whole new direction one being the direction they’ve been aiming towards for the longest time. When you break down this album a series of clashes occur of the band’s past and present demands. To which the music and lyrics directly speak to you as the music overwhelms the listeners causing a series of upbeat and rather catchy undertones that overlaps the music itself.