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Chinie is the name of the Uk international performing artist and songwriter currently making waves worlwide. Could it be the cofee, or the magical make of the music? Chinie is the name of the artist who creates and presents contagious fusions of pop, funk and soul in many a variety and genre, with an exhuberant ethusiasm put together to simply push your get up and jive dance and hum buttons. They’d make you dance, they’d make you jive, they’d make you sit, they’d make you cry and they’d make you emotional. Its also the way the tracks celebrate nature. Its the way a chinie track called ‘You Are’ celebrates food. Whatever it is, its just that something different and totally unique about this gifted artist and the tracks that celebrates life in all its fullness. ‘Bless My Day’ for instance is a track that has made hitwaves around the world. Written and performed in many languages, a very important message in a bottle from this artist. The videos have been nominated for an award already. ‘Dont Be Afraid’ is one true amazing singles on this EP. The video is a true magical that has been really making waves worldwide. Apparently the Chinie love bug seems to be catching on a lot of people, for this very new artist has a massive following and is already set to recieve a music award. One thing is for sure. This young blogger international artist whose videos you may have caught on many a TV channel worldwide is here to stay and is also one to watch. All tracks on the OF the Lamp EP are downloadable online from all good download stores. Chinie’s international official fanspace is now There are others but this the official fanspace for all chinie lovers outt there. You may catch this artist on her website at

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