Cinema Bizarre

With the highly anticipated release of their debut efforts “Final Attraction,” newcomers Cinema Bizarre has proven to the public worldwide about their musical abilities and skills getting their name spread far and wide quite fast drawing in as much attention as possible.

Formed just two years ago, these German rock stars from Berlin are making themselves well known blasting out catchy hit tunes left and right. “Final Attraction,” is already making its name known, having several tunes leave a ringing in your ear, such as “Silent Scream,” “After The Rain,” “Angel In Disguise,” and “The Silent Place.” Each of these selected tunes has their own accord and meaning all their own, but bring out an upbeat and uplifting musical beating that really packs a punch. “Silent Scream,” and “The Silent Place,” both go hand in hand with one another because of their secretive words “silent,” which instantly draws you in to what is behind the meaning. The guitar and drum work is well played and throws out a catchy uplifting musical skill that makes the music that more fun to listen in on. “Final Attraction,” has a way of pulling you into listening to the album over and over. Not allowing you to turn away from the irresistible music.

This unique style of Power Pop, Goth Rock Glam is sparking the heavens shedding light for everyone to bear witness too. Fans of other acts such as Motley Crue and Juliet-K will fall head over heels for these rock stars. Cinema Bizarre is an indeed catch and eye sore to not want to miss out on because their creativity offers it all to you in this package of 15-tracks with heart pounding adrenaline juice you just won’t be able to withstand, but take in one giant gulp.