Conducting From the Grave

Conducting from the Grave

Sacramento,California has dished out an aggressive style of music that is capturing the eyes of millions grabbing fans instantly in the palm of their hands, with latest sensation Conducting From The Grave’s and their debut release “When Legends Become Dust,” indeed becomes a pile of dust after it’s been listened too over a numerous amount of times. Which is certain to happen with this particular release because it is just that entertaining as soon as it begins.

Opening up you get thrown with “The Calming Effect,” in which the guitars riffs crafted together easily through out a solo unlike any other you’ve ever heard, well as the drums keep a sensational beating never missing a tone as the sound builds up making the music that more enjoyable. Next comes “Marching Towards Extinction,” which takes a march down a path towards the end of time having the vocals being a lot more aggressive and louder carrying out the music easily the guitar work is done beautifully well and doesn’t miss a beat keeping the music impacted. Tracks 3,4,7 and 8 are taken from previous release “Trials Of The Forsaken,” and track 8 is “The Skies Are Blackened …. Not by Clouds But Insects,” one other out-standing tune that delivers that same raw aggressive sound and feeling to it everything working aimlessly together as one.

The music is well crafted and plays out extremely well keeping that fast energy racing. Conducting From The Grave is an intense act to come by and fans of The Black Dahlia Murder, Between the Buried and Me and Unearth will surely devour “When Legends Become Dust.” Its an album that never gets old because each time you take a listen its a different experience every single time!

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