It?s a night for rock n roll! Says the entire musical line-up of tonight?s event taking place at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, California first up is Los Angeles?s very own hard rock heavy metal sensation Daybreak Ends dishing out a 30 minute set list of 9-tunes to bang your head too; mixing old ?Perfect Tragedy,? with new ?A Self Unseen,? getting the crowd into high energy. From jumping up and down to the bat of the music to banging your head to keep up with the rest of the crowd, everyone within the music atmosphere was entertained.

Concluding the night life in Hollywood was another Los Angeles based act from Long Beach known as I Am Ghost having front man Steven Juliano format the band in 2004 leading them from numerous magazine covers to top charting musicians. I Am Ghost have handled all the press and media that have been thrown at them. Leaving what else to do than play the music they?ve created. In doing so played an hour long set consisting of old to new back to the very oldest of tunes from all their current albums flying about. Halfway through their set Steven shouts ?I don?t care what type of music you listen to whether it?d be punk, grunge, reggae, hip-hop, heavy metal, we play rock music and we don?t belong to a music scene.? The crowd shouted i-am-ghost-1with agreement as the band continued to rock and roll the rest of their set. Consisting of ?Civil War and Isolation Thirst,? ?Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps,? ?Saddest Story Never Told,? ?Those We Leave Behind,? ?Bone Garden,? to a much older tune off ?We Are Always Searching,? (2005)EP entitled ?Pretty People Never Lie, Vampires Really Never Die,? played as their final encore song of the night. Throughout the set the crowd interacted in every way possible from jumping in pace to pushing and shoving one another to screaming their hearts out.

I Am Ghost threw on an entertaining show you could only imagine in person. The energy is high and fun and brings out the inner being hidden inside of you, one that is saying ?let me out and live my life.?