Quite forests your peace and relaxing sound echoes soothing the many people who are in utter frustration. Is there a source of power you can erupt to soften their frustration levels? Indeed there is such power, the power of Dead Eyed Sleeper with their latest development of ?Through Forests of Nonentities,? a collection of songs so intense and energetic you won?t know what to think. First off the songs posses an intense sound and vibe to them as they play, sending out this source wave of music that tends to gallop throughout, having the guitar?s solos break in and out. The same vibration goes for the drums their tempo beatings bring out a fast beating but it tends to lag here and there also maintaining that galloping sensation. The vocals on the other hand makes the music more vivid and stands out from the instruments taking the music up a notch completely lifting it off the ground and throwing it right against the wall. Breaking the sound barrier it?s stuck inside of, clearing indicating that Dead Eyed Sleeper?s ways with music is displayed quite well when it comes to ?Through Forests of Nonentities.?