What makes a black metal album so great? The usual ingredient used consists of magic, blood, darkness, and a sinister atmosphere to throw it all together. Mixing up a combination you can only call “Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum,” by Dimentianon. Greg Layman plays guitar in this extreme band and also handles Paragon’s promo department. So now that those elements are covered, the sounding on the album is good, a little raw energy placed here and there which is always good. When it comes down to the drumming portion, a cardboard sound is lingering from the double kit bass drums, on “Your Flesh is Mine to Exploit,? making it shake and rattle on/off. A mixture of black and death with rasps and grunts, the last one the best style for its deep and sick sounding vocals, on “Bloodshed From a Black Rose” tangles together the music peacefully. Fast parts with blast beats are most frequently used but Dimentianon also had the good idea to include moderate breaks filled with melodic elements. Lots of good guitar work, either in the cold black metal style riffing, doom-like crushing, tremolo picking, arpeggios (clean and distorted) and even some nice acoustic guitars follow through on ?To Return That Which is Above to That Which is Below,? a short instrumental tune that wraps it altogether.