DJ Shadow ? aka hip-hop maverick Josh Davis ? has spoken about a new studio album, his website?s re-launch and touring in an email sent to legions of fans today.

Communicating for the first time in a considerable period, Davis addressed rumors that he is working on new studio material, admitting that ?I am working on new music. It is way too early in the day to discuss what it will sound like, or when it will come out, but I feel I owe everyone at least that much information; work has begun. Probably the only thing I can promise is that as always, it will sound different from the last one…oh, and that everyone will undoubtedly hate it until two years after [its release].?

Commenting on other prominent issues, Davis has signaled an end for touring at the moment ? to focus on his new musical project ? and that is undergoing considerably reconstruction and will be re-launched in less than a few months.

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