Pianist Earl R. Johnson, Jr. has expressed himself in the most creative way possible, with the way with music. This skill builds as the time varies and expands itself leading to of course a debut EP or LP depending on the artist in question…. In this case Earl R. Johnson, Jr. has chosen to go the LP route with his smashing debut “Juicy”. The bass mixed in with the jazz keeps everything front and center making the music as relaxing as possible you’ll enjoy it no matter what. Leaving plenty of space left for an instrumental lyrical interface with voices coming in and out here and there as each tune unfolds itself. Some tracks that tend to stand out the most includes rather catchy and upbeat “Getaway,” and the title track “Juicy,” both of which features piano melodies floating in and out making the music more crisp and clear to listen in on. “Possibilities,” and “Last Time,” combine the feel and vibration of a romantic sensation sending out a series of vocal melodies that dish out this romantic essence while still capturing the feeling that the whole music is trying to reveal upon its departure. In close “Juicy,” is a relaxing album and rather takes up a soothing feeling no matter which of the 11-tracks comes into playing effect.