When someone entitles their album “Movin On,” what are they referring too? A memory, a moment in their life where something tragic occurred and they had to move onward? In this case that?s how it seems for Eileen Carey’s latest album “Movin On”. Nine tracks of absolute country rock n roll energy with upbeat catchy lyrics you can easily memorize and sing right along too. Starting off the album you get tossed with “This Was Her This Is Now,” a clear statement declaring Eileen?s determination of starting brand spankin ?new? with her musical career and overall lifestyle. The music instantly draws you inward its popish vocal chords bouncing right along with the waving effects of the guitars and drumming rhythms playing right on through. ?Do I Dare,? comes along next and dares you to listen in to this tune to see if it?ll suite your tastes. Indeed it does make a craving into your ear drum still impacting that easy-going tone. ?Out With The Girls,? is an all-girl tune that just wraps up ?Movin On? somewhat as the album rounds itself up, this song bringing out a more upbeat rocking tone to it than the other songs listed above. Last but not least we get ?Newsflash,? an urgent message announced directly to you the listener to not miss on, on this conclusion of an album. If you do so, you?ll regret it because overall ?Movin On,? is a collection of upbeat, country easy-listening tunes you can always come back too and enjoy over and over again.