Want something absolutely free? That?s right free! What did I just say free! Now that?s out of the way what is ?free? it s a rock n?roll show! Brought you by Epitaph Records with their fellow label mates I Set My Friends On Fire, Sing It Loud, and headliners of the evening Escape The Fate.
But this night wasn?t your ordinary night, this night started off with long lines. Not the ones you?d run into at your local grocery market but a long line leading into this historic event. Happening on a warm but cool Wednesday night out at the plaza where the famous Knitting Factory located in Hollywood, California always tends to uphold all the fun and excitement. A dozen young teenagers? ages 13+ were hurried lining up or had been by the looks of it outside the plaza awaiting their approval to get inside. While on the other end was another line for all the applicants who had the lucky chance of getting into the venue early. I was being one of them.

As the venue began to let the early birds right on through the main floor of the Knitting Factory slowly began to fill up and clock slowly striking 6:30PM moving onto 7PM and later to 7:30PM where all the fun really uplifted and took off. Starting off with I Set My Friends On Fire who through together a miniature set up of songs that got the crowd of about near capacity of 500 people into an uproar. From flying up into the air into the crowd surfing mania that was unleashing itself to twirling their arms in an uncontrollable fashion. The whole crowd was into the band?s set shouting right along with the catchy upbeat lyrics being scream for everyone to hear. Once they were said and over with, Sing It Loud took it into their own accord and mellowed down the audience getting everyone into a jumping frenzy going into the exact same matter as the first act. Singing right along to each tune sung, loud and proud from start to finish everyone was into Sing It Loud and who wouldn?t be? No wonder they all were singing and having a good time.

Rounding off the entertaining night was Las Vegas very own Escape The Fate throwing on a solid 45-minute set list consisting of the old and new material mixed in between. Getting the capacity level into overdrive throwing everyone in range into the stage, from constantly crowd surfing adrenaline action to jumping and mosh pitting action everyone was in motion when the entire set was said and done. But the set didn?t end so quietly as the band clearly announced ?We?re Escape the Fate this is our last song? and performed it and walked off the crowd started bailing out of jam packed sweaty venue. As soon as the crowd started to decrease the fun came right back into full blown action as the crowd chanted with all their might ?One more song, one more song, one more song? again and again the band who had walked off knew they had to finish off the night right and they did wrapping it up with ?Sympathy Of the Dead.? Getting the crowd even more hyped and energetic as Craig shouted out ?Everyone get you?re a** on stage!? and of course the audience responded.

Before the set list had drawn to a close, Escape The Fate had mentioned before going into the next song some funny quotes such as before going into ?Situations,? Craig says ?This song is about a guy placing his penis in between some girls breasts,? and then before hitting ?10 Miles Wide,? Bassist Max Green commented ?10 Miles Wide is about how big my penis is? as the crowd shouted and laugh and broke away into a utter chaos for the rest of the night. When it was all said and done the overall performances done by fellow label mates of Epitaph Records was a night that will forever remain to be nothing but a sweaty abyss.