Eyes Set To Kill

Who knew that an everyday object such as your eyesight could have the skills to kill? It turns out that this is a true fact, Eyes Set To Kill has returned with a vengeance releasing their follow-up to “Reach,” (2008) with “The World Outside,” (2009) a combination of 12-tracks of absolute upbeat tones and back-beats that brings out the modern rock n roll sensation mixed together with alternative metal with screamo beatings in between. Some tunes that tend to stick out the most includes “Heights” which has a video to back it up, and other tunes includes “Wake Me Up,” “March Of The Dead,” “Deadly Weapons,” which features a guest vocalist appearance of Craig Mabbit of Escape The Fate that adds a blend of music making Eyes Set To Kill’s “The World Outside,” album be much more catchy than their previous works. Each of these tunes mentioned contains the absolute mayhem and energy needed that this band dishes out from beginning to end. Eyes Set To Kill displays the mellow driven vocal sides while creating that rough uproar of screamo tones in between that lets the music shack and rattle until the music means nothing more than just a repeating texture of overplayed music. “The World Outside,” is a follow-up album that goes beyond the limits of pleasing its listeners and does go beyond “Reach’s” standards showcasing Eyes Set To Kill’s musical talents on a whole new level.