Fall of Envy

“Poetic Rage,” who ever knew that poetry could embrace such raw emotionally energy. But then again doesn’t everything nowadays? This type of poetry is presented by modern rock n’rollers Fall Of Envy, speaking their mind through the depths of their hearts and souls through 11-tracks of aggression from the inside out. “Smoking Gun,” shakes, rattles, and rolls everything up having the instruments gather all their riffs, solos, and tempo beatings and work together as once powerful force field of destruction. Having break-through guitar solos that just bash right against the vocals and drumming back-beating action sent out. Whereas the title track comes in and mellows all the aggressiveness away instantly, making this track be one you can raise your lighter too and just go with the flow. ?Face To My Fist,? takes over the intense side again and gives you exactly what you want, quoting plain and simple ?If you want it come and get it.? Having you the listener get exactly what you want which is what? Hard, but fast racing rock n roll! Fall Of Envy sends out all the right connections and emotions while listening to ?Poetic Rage,? it gives you the source of what goes on behind the microphone. Showing the true feelings of what it?s like to be considered a real rockstar.