“Catholic Guilt,” is the side project by Freddy Cricien of hardcore metal goers Madball.

But this time Freddy has gone solo for the time being and he had this to say about it “I’ve always had my head in both scenes, hip hop has inspired me as much as hardcore.” His passion for music is inspiring and his vocal tactics used in this method takes on a whole another attitude and musical style completely.

This hip-hop style goes down the lines of punk rock meets hip-hop having that rock beat with hip-hop mash-up thrown in the middle creating this musical sense that keeps the music flowing but has it repeat itself from time to time like songs, “New Breed,” “London Calling,” (feat. Rancid) and ‘War,” all showcase that rock style with the added vibrations of hip-hop flowing throughout that makes the music bounce if you will.

Throughout the entire album though, the music just goes back into its repeating method of sounding nothing but a broken down recording of tunes that gets overrun way too quickly sounding nothing but annoyance for the listener – hardcore fans may like this attempt but this just falls flat.