Freshman 15

Freshman 15’s “Throw Up Your Hands For One Night Stands!,” takes the punk rocker out of you and gets it out on the dance floor. With the catchy upbeat and uplifting rhythms, Freshman 15 have been hitting the high notes and bouncy off the walls getting their name out in the open as much as possible. Getting the 10-tracks flying off the ground impacted with that infectious pop-punk sound that has been known to energize crowds and leave the song stuck right in your head for many days/nights to come.

Having formed in 2001, Freshman 15 have gone through a lot of changes as much bands tend to go through from time to time but through all the hardships they’ve made it through each and every time. Some tunes that stick out the most out of the 10 you get thrown with, includes “Thought Of You,” “What Are Friends For,” and “The Truth About Liars,” each contains that uplifting beat and tone and vibrations that go soaring right through your body. The fast racing guitar riffs with breaking solos twist and turn around the fast pacing tempo beats delivered from the drummer and vocalist just makes everything else light as a feather. Hitting the ground hard and running as fast as they can go, this utilizing talents of David Fortner (Guitar/Vocals), Jeremy Smith (Guitar/Vocals), Breck Blanchard (Drums) and Bj Formella (Bass/Vocals) is just the beginning.

Building on their past accomplishments and recent triumphs and tours, Freshman 15 are set to unveil “Throw Up Your Hands For One Night Stands.” Following their dreams, having the dedication and the talent to make it happen; Freshman 15 will be the next name raging upon the masses across the United States of America.