Glenn Patrik is Nuthin But A Thang of Music

Glenn Patrik a longtime blues guitarist/vocalist in the mad world of music is proud and very pleased to release “Nuthin But A Thang,” a collection of tunes that captures his creative skills in one single collection. Throwing your way a mere 11-tracks of pure mellow groovy hit tunes you can relate too as each one plays right on through. Some that stick out the most includes “Don’t Call Me Daddy,” “Kansas City,” “One More Day,” and “Friend Of Mine,” each of which showcase the real essence and feel of what Glen is trying to communicate with through his music sources. For instance “Don’t Call Me Daddy,” maintains to pulse out a vibration of methods, one that lets the guitars and drums bounce off one another. While the vocal chords balance on top of these instruments doing a rotation if you will as the song progresses until the last note is finished.

Whereas “Kansas City,” takes the mellowness to a lower standard being more of a relaxing tune but upholds a groovy formation as well. Keeping the music flowing right on into “One More Day,” and “Friend Of Mine,” both of which go hand in hand with one another. “One More Day,” going down the lines of being a well thought out tune with a more upbeat form placing the music into a edger tone of attitude. While “Friend Of Mine,” releases a friendship barrier if you will, releasing a series of musical notes that never get old. Glenn has presented us with a collection rather than just a handful of songs we just would listen too. He makes then plays the music so that it all comes together as a whole.

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