Since their birth in 2004, the band known as Gwen Stacy, has formatted themselves to being a hardcore Christian punk band with solid grounds to creating their music masterpieces. Spreading everything out year after year pretty much, for instance “….I Believe in Humility,” (2005) one year later a collection of Demos was unleashed in 06 and then they received a break-through, with “The Life I Know,” (2008) and “A Dialogue” which is their newest release.

Since the beginning though the band has indeed made their name known and has made their mark within this industry going out on numerous tours branching out as far out as possible until now. Where it comes down to just 11-tracks to call their fate and this my friends is what makes this band so unique.

This collection of tunes captures Gwen Stacy’s maturity and really showcases how much the band has developed their style since they formation back in 04, taking a giant leap altogether and growth they’ve accomplished together as a whole. It can be greatly expressed upon “Creation and How I see it,” along with “Devil Devil,” “A Middle Ground,” “The Sound Of Letting Go,” these handful of selections setting the band’s musical skills.

The music sets itself up by building a bond allowing the guitar’s source of rhythm to play out as the drums play off their beating tone and the rest of the instruments i.e. bassist and vocal chords comes thundering in with such charging force it clashes it altogether it makes the listener jump as the sound progresses itself further in, as each song plays right along through ending with one and starting off right away with the next. Gwen Stacy’s lyrical formula isn’t that bad either, having the listener feel the exact emotions that the band is communicating with – expressing not only these emotions through instrumental tone but vocally as well.

Gwen Stacy has indeed made their mark within this music’s industry and is an break out addiction to the world we call “music”.