Nine bands, nine hours equals pure brutality! This day is the day of HELL with an arrangement of acts unlike any other, with this very special fusion of combining not one but two tours of pure adrenaline force you haven’t seen anything yet. Erupting from the sound barrier known as the Hollywood Palladium, this Sunset spot light was the ultimate sights and sounds of this unforgettable night.

Round one commenced with the likeness of openers Dirge Within who performed a solid 20-minte set up that consists of tunes coming off their recent album “Forced Fed Lies” getting the crowd up and running the blood rushing to their heads pumping with energy that could not be contained. Next up metal goers Hate Eternal rubbing off their black metal style interacting with the crowd on/off shaking hands and tossing guitar picks as the on-lookers grabbed with anticipation. Soon after Born of Osiris struck a chord with the crowd getting their keyboarding techniques under control while the rest of the band played right on through until the first round of acts was soon drawn to a close.

Round two soon got underway as Whitechapel took over the stage – all you would see every few seconds would be a blurry vision of a person being tossed or thrown directly onto the sea of people jumping and shouting right along to the beat of the music. The music did not stop there though because it was Unearth who had jumped upon the stage and continued to roll with this energetic madness. These guys dealing out all the energy they possible could having a repeating occurrence of the first round but maintaining it when it was all said and done. But as soon as they’re performance had commenced it had soon ended, and it was Chimaira’s turn to turn this place upside down and inside out. That is exactly the vibration that unfolded getting the crowd up and running somewhat during their set the fans eagerly awaiting for the band that was to come up after these guys were just to energized to concentrate on Chimaira’s actions.

Now that the first set of rounds was over with – it was time for the last three acts to take over and do their thing but was the crowd even up for it after those first arrangements of acts? Yes they were. Death metallers Cannibal Corpse were one of the three major headliners of that night and boy oh boy was everybody in anticipation of their arrival. Once they had appeared on stage all HELL broke loose and literally the floor was opened up in two different sections as the entire crowd of people was nothing more than a tidal wave of people. Everybody was being pushed and shoved around falling down and being picked right up right on into the last song of their set up “Hammer Smashed Face”.

Afterwards the crowd of people had disappeared and the second to the last headliners who everybody was in high hopes of witnessing was Trivium a heavy metal act whose current actions brought them humiliation. The floor had opened up and the crowd had returned but not everybody was quite into these “runner-ups” they’re performance lacked the quality of the music they’ve been known to dish out and this performance wasn’t all that great.

So once the “runner-ups” were dead and gone the final act of the night was about to draw an ending point of their musical career as front man Jamey Jasta says “This will be our last time here out on the West Coast, you won’t be seeing us until next summer – so everybody get moving!” Hatebreed’s hardcore metal styling’s brings out the punk era meets metal era and combines the two fussing together such sound it remains to the point of sounding great throughout the entire set. Jasta going down the lines of performing such hits as “Live for This”, “Destroy Everything”, “As Die Heart As They Come”, and paying tribute to an act that has always been there for them as Jasta says “This band helped us out while out on tour and let us use their instruments – that is SLAYER!” “This song is “Ghosts Of War”. Hatebreed literally tearing up the crowd ten times more than any of the previous acts had done wrapping up this night as the night that truly was HELL.