Idols Are Dead and Mean

Are the idols we love dead? According to Italy’s standards this is a true statement but let’s re-worded it in a different format. Idols Are Dead is the correct term we were looking to use. These thrash metallers have given us the proper arrangements of heavy metal infused with thrash metal inspiration located in between. So what is this band trying to prove? That they’re “Mean”!

You heard right, “Mean,” wasting no time Idols Are Dead grabbed a hold of Gabriele Ravaglia of Fear Studios, one of Italy’s finest to perfect the band’s unique and creative style and detect the proper sound barrier to call their own masterpiece. Keeping up the pace the band went off to win an award at the Heineken Jammin Festival Contest (2007) along with getting to share the stage with legendary acts such as Slayer, Iron Maiden, Stone Sour, plus many more.

Shortly afterwards Idols Are Dead signed a deal with Scarlet Records in December (2007) just 16 months after forming. Thus “Mean” was born and so was 9-tracks of pure heavy metal entertainment. Clashing together the old school thrash vibrations blended in with heavy metal inspirations, Idols Are Dead have crafted together a well rounded piece of art. Each tune is catchy and upbeat easily drawing in the listener with its captivating lyrics. Decrypting about the usual heavy metal formula i.e. sex, drugs, music and then some.

Some classy tunes worth mentioning include “Let’s Do It!” “Dance With The Devil,” “Pain For Sale,” and “The Name of My Rage.” Each one detailing the instrumental craftsmanship quite easily, for instance with “Dance With The Devil,” this jamming tune takes you from rockin to stunned. The fast racing guitar riffs with grind chillin solos filling in the empty pieces the other instruments forgot to max out. Whereas “Pain For Sale,” delivers the music in a whole another fashion – letting the vocal chords to do most of the dirty work shouting and echoing the chorus lines as the lyrics seem to bounce about.

Overall Idols Are Dead extends itself to sounding mean at first glance, but in the long run it’s just your ordinary guys just doing what they do best. Which is what? Create and let’s not forget of course – playing music!

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