Italian-Canadian Rapper Carvelli Is Set To Introduce The Movement To The U.S.

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Los Angeles, CA – Italian-Canadian rapper/producer Carvelli is set to release his latest EP The Movement. Included in this release is his smash single of the same name, which is a call to all rappers and hip-hop lovers of Italian heritage to band together and create their own world-wide movement. “I am proud of my Italian heritage having grown up immersed in Italian culture and customs. I’d like to put some Italian influence into this great music known as hip-hop, and bring it to the attention of the world.”

This Movement that Carvelli speaks of, is in his opinion, a way for Italian artists to come together and create additional outlets for Italian musicians who are into hip-hop, and rap music. “There are many Italian rap and hip-hop artists that are never seen or heard of because there is a lack of exposure of these artists in the genre. By trying to bring more of us together, I believe that it will open doors not only for great collaborations, but a massive amount of exposure. There is a lot of Italian style and culture that is used in mainstream hip-hop today. And let’s not forget the mob references and nicknames that are used all of the time”, says Carvelli.

“I’m a soldier of The Movement”, raps Carvelli in his explosive new track. In fact, it’s best to view Carvelli as a General, seeking to recruit and rally converts to a cause he holds dear. The Movement serves as a compelling anthem for that cause.

Carvelli has come a long way since the days of hanging out at poker clubs with his father as a kid. Admitting that these clubs were no place for a kid to be, he does admit to the slight influence they had on him. “There was no way a kid should have been in there, the smoke, the cards, the money, but there I was. I guess because of that I always had a feeling it was cool to be where people said you shouldn’t go”, states Carvelli.

This attitude explains why he has chosen hip-hop as his art form of choice. “I love hip-hop music and it’s culture, and I love Italian music and my culture. I should represent both. People talked about Eminem when he came on the scene, and how he shouldn’t be in the rap game. Well, he proved them wrong. Not only is he a great MC, he is an inspiration to kid’s around the world who don’t fit the typical hip-hop mold”, explains Carvelli.

The Movement will be the second release for Carvelli. In 2006 he released the radio-friendly hit song and video Hooah Hooah which received heavy rotation on radio, and international exposure on the popular music channel, MTV. The Artists video was downloaded over 500,000 times from many popular download sites check out his NewVideo and Ep at

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