Jam Pain Socety

How many times have you reached to a certain point, that you just can?t label the music you?re listening? Jam Pain Society from North Carolina does just this once you’ve gotten into their musical beatings of their creative musical skills. Jam Pain Society’s “Black Light Messiah,” is a blend of hard rock along with modern dance with a mixture of metal,industrial and everything else in between. Being aggressive at times this mix up of music combines these elements into one extreme style that leaves you breathless.

Jam Pain Society is about the heavy guitar riffs, along with huge hooks that draw you in with soulful impassioned vocal skills and tactics that keeps the music alive and well throughout the entire album. Some tunes that stick out the most includes “Secret,” “Monster Mind,” and “The Ride,” all of which deliver an expressive but stylish tone of music with an excessive beating sensation that plays constantly throughout not wanting to miss a beat or tone along the way. “Black Light Messiah,” has another big thing to display. Legendary original KISS guitar player Ace Frehley is offering his unique style and sound in the song “The Ride”. Working with Ace was a blast and a bit surreal, according to Chris. “Suddenly, the guy who made me want to pick up a guitar in the first place is asking me if that last take ?sounded okay?. Are you kidding me?”. Indeed Ace?s guitar playing is so obvious on this song that makes “The Ride,” the greatest moment of this album by far.

Jam Pain Society bring out that pure hard rock mixture with an aggressive side of metaling style that keeps the music overly flowing without ever needing to stop. Be sure to not miss out on these rock stars because they’re surely to skyrocket all the way to the stars and high above the moon.