JetBoy Flies To Rock n Roll Heights


World Famous KROQ A.K.A. K-ROCK 106.7 normally has its “Local Only Nights,” happening around the Los Angeles terrain and May 24th plans to be a night unlike any other. Formed in 1983 San Francisco exposed us to the hard rock genre with none other than Jetboy. The band transplanted themselves very early into LA’s Sunset Strip Scene, and were thrown into the music influences ranging from punk rock to heavy metal with a good deal of blues in between blending together a mixture all their own. Now that they’ve gotten themselves ready to emerge yet again from the writing/rehearsing torture chamber with brand spankin new tunes presented to you by the High Voltage Magazine & KROQ’s Locals Only night happening on May 24th at The Viper Room, with an unlimited guest list along with some of the rockiest acts around to top it all off. So be sure to grab a friend and run on down to the Strip because this is one night you won’t want to miss! If this sounds like your scene, then email us your name to get on the list!

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