Her new release Tim’s House came out in January of this year, filled with beautiful, lilting tracks haunting melodies of love and its repercussions. Named curiously after her producer Tim Bidwell’s home where she recorded all the tracks on this album, the album is slow and thoughtful, with folk-y finger picking and string harmonies that accompany Kate’s guitar every so often.

The album begins with the track Your Song, which breathes beat-poetry lyrics like ?And we’ll make love make magic? (snap, snap) and includes the aforementioned string accompaniment- which is never too strong; the violins faintly imbue the sound of the track only every so often. ‘Talk of the Town’ is a little twangier, and includes background vocal echoes, which harmonize through the second half of the song. “French Song? breaks up the slow pace of the album with an accordion, some French gypsy swing influences, and an upbeat waltz; the song manages to be beautiful and uplifting while simultaneously heartbreaking? a unique characteristic of Walsh?s music.

Tim?s House isn’t groundbreaking in musical ingenuity or its profound lyrics, but it maintains a genuine sincerity and because of this, it is beautiful in its simplicity. Because love is really not that prosaic’it’s a simple fact of life, and it often sings softly.