Kerchoonz Live Sessions Invites Band’s To Get Paid

Social networking site has once again set the bar for independent music by paying artists each time fans listen to their music through its latest Kerchoonz Live Sessions. The online competition encourages artists to upload their music, get paid for their streams, and perform for a live studio audience to be broadcasted across the web (instructions below).

The site was launched in beta following a dispute between independent artist Indiana Gregg and illegal torrent website “The Pirate Bay” after the site refused to remove a link to her debut album. The Pirate Bay are currently being sued by the IFPI for inciting illegal infringement of copyright.

“Kerchoonz has been formed as an alternative to piracy” states co-founder Ian Morrow. “We don’t wish to comment on the proceedings taking place against The Pirate Bay at the moment, however, we believe that there must be an alternative to piracy that makes music lovers’ happy while compensating musicians for their work. That’s what Kerchoonz is all about. Kerchoonz Live Sessions’ mission to help promote bands and artists who are, especially in these recessionary times, struggling to earn a living from their art.”

This month, four top bands were invited to perform at the House of Rock Studios in Glasgow, UK after participating in the Kerchoonz Live December Christmas download/streams contest. The event, which was filmed before a live studio audience, will be used in a online campaign to promote and boost the winning bands:

* Donna Marie:

* Helicopter Girl:

* Darnell:

* The Fortunate Sons:

Bands who participate in Kerchoonz Live Sessions will benefit by receiving promotion in hard press, world-wide blog networking, professional live studio recordings and interview sessions with top journalists around the globe and cash prizes. The next session is scheduled for April 2009 and will feature top songwriting from bands and artists across the globe chosen by a panel of nine industry judges.

Artists and songwriters can participate in Kerchoonz Live Sessions in 3 easy steps:

* Join the community,

* Upload your music to Kerchoonz

* Send a comment link with the song title that you would like to enter to:

About Kerchoonz, currently live in beta and scheduled for official launch in June, is a revolutionary social networking site which allows musicians to upload their music and be paid for every stream and every download of their music. Bands can opt to offer their music either for free download, or simply allow it to be heard through streaming on the site with ‘buy’ buttons next to every track.