Koko Dozo Graces Mel’s World At Le Royale

New York’s Post-Pop duo Koko Dozo (Polarity/1 & Amy Douglas) will be bringing their unique version of ‘Global Funktronica’ to Mel’s World At Le Royale on Thursday April 16th at 10:00 PM. Koko Dozo will perform for the gorgeous, lovely and talented Mel Merio who is having one of her fab soirees at the hip NY venue. With an interior that brings to mind “Rock & Roll meets Avant-Garde,” Le Royale is a place where the smart crowd goes to hear cutting edge music and meet other people with culture.


Live performance by KOKO DOZO

Thursday April 16th – 10:00 PM

Le Royale

21 7th Avenue South, New York



“Holy poop, B-52’s reincarnated. Nevermind that they’re still around. This thing I’m used to hear in early 90’s to some intro to some crazy tv-show. How do you start making this kind of music? Seriously! Funk, boogie, soul, electro, space-thingy.” Danger! Danger!

“New Yorkers looking for music that embraces their city’s cultural diversity ought to check them out. The best way to survive in a melting pot is to get close.” Gasper Oliviera, GBH.tv

Koko Dozo is a duo of legally alienated New Yorkers — Polarity/1 and Amy Douglas — who create a sound they call Global Funktronica: a unique blend of electronica, funk, club grooves, jazz and roots grooves from Brazil, Latin America and Africa. Their lyrics are hilarious, provocative, and powerful, sung in English, Spanish and Portuguese, supported by music that is truly otherworldly, rich, textural and extremely funky.



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