Founding member Scott Gross of metal rock act From Autumn To Ashes didn’t expect himself to be standing upon this very Earth. Scott explains “It was September 13th 2007 and I was on I-95 in New Jersey. The rental car I had broke down and I pulled over to the shoulder of the road. I got out of the car to walk to the back and that’s all I remember.” Another car had crashed into his pining him between and causing massive injuries to his leg, back and head. “They were going to call me in as deceased” he reveals. “For the past two years I have been chained to a bed, going to physical therapy daily and undergoing multiple surgeries for my leg which is mostly metal at this point. I also have two torn rotator cuffs which I still have to have surgery for. 98% of the time the pain is off the scale, music definitely helps to take my mind off of it.”

By expressing the pain he dealt with, he formatted a whole another style of music, going down the acoustic route with his new formation, Lullaby the Storm, being a mellower effect, than his previous works, which consisted of heavier material. The band itself though, only comprises of three current members, Scott, Mari-Elaina, Jeff, and Greg Odette all of which have brought this acoustic pop-rock out into the format that is “3 Lanes Painted Red,” a collection of tunes that take on a whole another effect as mentioned above, showcasing these musicians style in a whole another spotlight. The music alone is very dramatic and captures the band’s emotions through each and every note played, instrumentally speaking, and the instruments play their part – by sounding a lot like Taking Back Sunday meets Alkaline Trio.

Overall this side effect of music showcases itself to be nothing more than a over dramatic sensation of music that puts the listener at complete ease and relaxation.