Minsk – With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone


Minsk’s “With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone,” burns itself slowly through the twisted, psychedelic post-rock with equal parts bombast and deliberation. Minsk succeeds where other bands fail by marrying the range of human emotions with a vast sonic tapestry to create a provocative, stirring and supremely heavy album experience.-TheOmegaOrder Opening song “Three Moons,” just captures everything all at once not allowing the instruments to play on their own accord. While “The Shore Of Transcendence,” has the percussion play a huge role and brings them on psychedelic fields. Mostly the vocals are clean and that?s also the only minor on this new record; sometimes like in ?Consumed by Horizons of Fire,? they are a bit out of key. In ?Means to an End? this is not an issue; actually the clean vocals are the best part in this song. In the end having Mink?s latest be a disappointment in all formats.

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