What can be better than having a pair of new comers unleashing not one but two EP’s within the same year? Well Morphine Killer that’s who. “Unapologetic”, was the first round of killing that the almighty duo of Belle Roko and Eski presented us with. But now that some time has passed another killing spree is upon us, this time revolving around our worse fears, and the ones that lay within our “Nightmares”.

This time around, the Morphine Killer’s style remains the same capturing that “dark” and “gloomy” affect just as before, but the music kicks it up a notch by expressing a more vocal approach having the growling effects be more present and the crisp clean vocals be less affective – but still remain surrounding the music making it more eerie.

Music wise the instruments tend to clash into one another formatting a rough and progressive sound that brings out this intense effect that brings to mind, the gothic rock styling’s of Evanescence mixed together easily with sounding a lot like H.I.M. with growling tactics similar to those of Bleeding Through. “Nightmares,” draws the listener in to the music a lot more affectively this time around, exposing a more “darker” and edger side that we may not have ever expected to exist.