Motionless In White

“When Love Met Destruction,” I never knew love and destruction could ever collide with one another but then again they have in everyone’s lives more than once to be exact….

It’s called fights and everyone dislikes them with a passion I believe whether it be physical or verbally everyone has witnessed or exposed themselves one way or another.Motionless In White is the name I’m speaking of who tend to dish out that hardcore beating with a slap of screamo right to your face.

When it comes to their debut efforts “When Love Met Destruction,” you get thrown with a collection of tracks that just pure out destroy you from the inside out, such as “Ghosts In The Mirror,” “To Keep From Getting Burned,” and “Billy In 4C Never Saw It Coming,” each express that raw aggressive side of the music that they are known to unleash and create it was showed in their previous attempts but that is why those were called “attempts,” they were introducing their musical skill upon the masses letting us all breath it in and give our own opinion to it.

This is what I think out of the three tunes I picked, each one gives out that uplifting energy that has an overlapping beat with heavy and rough vocals that have a clear backup from the other band mates which keeps the music moving on top of the vocals the instrumental work on all three is unique the guitar riffs breaking away creating their own solos that fade away into allowing the drums do their work and having a constant speed of blast beatings that don’t ever wanna quit.

Motionless In White has made their name and mark known in the music world and will not be an act fading anyway anytime soon.