Mr. Green All-Stars feat. Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Kennedys, and the Human Rights!

Hollywood Ca, Sept 28, 2009 Mr. Green All-Stars featuirng members of Bad Brains, Fishbone, Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Kennedys, and Human Rights have just announced a string of Southern Califonia tour Dates Including: October 8th at the Echoplex in Echo Park and October 9th at Canes Bar and Grill in San Diego.

This is without out a doubt Music History in the making exclaimed publicist John Mahoney from Never before have these legendery musicians ever shared
the stage at the same time so fans will really be in for a big treat. Get ready for the funky punk/ metal lines of basssst a guitarist Norwood Fisher of Fishbone? For the snarling blasts of thrash metal and virtuoso guitar leads provided by Rocky a George of Suicidal Tendencies? Pounding punk rock metal rhythms from D.H. Peligro of the Dead Kennedy’s and Last but certainly not least, the jaw-dropping stage mr greenperformance and vocal range from Hr of the Bad Brains as well as Vocalist Hawaiian Lyon from Human Rights and Big Mountain.

Mr. Green All-Stars describes themselves as “misfits of the world who believe in freedom of expression-no matter what the cost.” The super group is known for their unique, energetic hybrid of 80% punk rock and 20% reggae, with lyrics that address political and human rights issues, as well as their incredibly skilled musicianship. Their powerful, high-speed music evokes the world of action sports, as well as a sense of anarchy and freedom, and their blend of shout-along melodies and driving hooks forces the crowd to join in on the performance. Mr. Green All-Stars announced their first album, Seeing is Believing, in 2006. H.R. of The Bad Brains contributed vocals to four tracks, including the Rolling Stones’ cover “She’s A Rainbow,” and he will also lend his unique punk rock/ reggae vocal style as a guest performer on the 2009 tour.

The tour’s second guest star, Jamaica’s number one engineer and Dub originator The Madd Scientist, also co-engineered the All-Stars’ album, along with Dave Aaron, engineer for Snoop Dogg and Sublime. Seeing is Believing also featured drummer extraordinaire Steve Perkins of Jane’s Addiction on two tracks, “No Ego Trippin'” and “Brain Freeze.” Other guest musicians on the album include Josh Cardinali on guitar, George Huges on keys, Balboa Celebrity Horns, Willy Waldman on trumpet, bassists Derek “Bull Dread”, Freddy Flynt, drummers Clinton Stoggsdill, and Ezra Robison.

October 8th at the Echoplex, in Echo Park and October 9th at Canes Bar and Grill in San Diego.

You can check out Mr. Green All-Stars online at Booking by Upmosthigh Records/Booking- Lyon Rowland Publicty & Press, by ArtistPR.

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