Music Is Evolving As MP3 Turns Fully Interactive With The TronMe Software, From 3Dsolar

These tracks will be converted using the TronMe software, from 3Dsolar and will release the potential for 15 million new remixes of each song.

TronMe ( is downloadable software that allows you to control and remix your favorite music and record your own interactive visual music video to go with it. This can then be shared with the world via YouTube, broadcast via Skype or MSN, or added onto Facebook or MySpace via a widget. If you?re voted one of the most accomplished videos then you can win prizes and rewards such as free tracks or tools to use on your player.

The beta software is going from strength to strength, clocking up a hundred new users daily and, with new technology, all these users will soon be able to convert their favorite mp3 tracks into an interactive format. This new version of the track, known as .IVS, can then be used on the TronMe player.

Patrick Levy Rosenthal 3D Solar CEO said, ?We expect to convert around 10 million mp3 tracks into interactive format, this will lead to a major revolution in the way people enjoy music. Each converted track has the potential for around 15 million new remixes – that’s a lot of new versions for a single file roughly the same size and price as the mp3.?

Almost any track can be converted easily with the help of the player and, as more tracks are converted, the choice of songs will grow quickly.

The last release of the player allows an auto play function to operate. This turns the TronMe player into a home music system. Once the player is open, the user doesn?t need to press anything, their music plays automatically and the software will remix the tracks based on the information analyzed from the webcam with stunning visual effects. Control can be regained at any time, to select new instruments or parts, but it is not necessary. Users can move to the music and see what happens – then share it online.

Interactivity is the future of music.


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