Natasha James’s “Tequila Time,” a great taste when it comes to your modern everyday style of music having that soulful driven vocal effects rooted with your smooth mellow country style rock n’ roll attitude. From those soulful times of death you find yourself going “Straight To Hell,” when this tragic dreadful tune comes rolling right through, taking the music up a notch and separates the heaviness from the more slower side effects and edges it tends to create with the more modern tunes such as “Get Out Of My Way”. A tune worthy of a cause for its mellow dramatic essence that keeps the music constantly flowing never being able to stop. From the very beginning of “Takes Alotta Love,” down to the very ending with, “Modern Life,” you’ll find yourself always grooving and bobbing your head to the upbeat catchy easy-going lyrics that Natasha James is well known to deliver, having all of those bar endless nights and long rides home well worth it. For fans of Reba Mcentire and Taylor Swift or any other type of country folk should kick their heels high into the air with pure excitement as soon as the first tune begins and the last one ends.