In the short two years that this band has made themselves well known has brought them above the surface in the sea of metal. Having had various acts drown in its deepness Odium has raised above all the others that have failed. “At The Borrom,” clearly estates the obstacles you’d have to make in order to want to even swim to the bottom of the ocean depths to sink this treasure of hope. Hidden with 10-tracks this aggressive style and sound should make the waves of the metal sea thunder with rage. Produced by producer Greg Dawson (Moneen,The End, Starring Janey Leigh) he has put together a well worth listen of an album that shall not disappoint. Starting off with “Oblivion’s Gates,” an easy mellow piano introduction is brought in along with soft vocals in the background as those vocals soon turn deadly with screams and shouts only the ocean can relate too. The guitar and drum work is done fast and quick not missing a tempo beat as the vocals scream their way through pushing all the instruments aside, as they stand and shout making themselves known. A video for the self-titled single “At The Borrom,” was shot in March and set for release in April makes this album whole as it gets dished right in the center of the 10-tracks presented having the drums doing most of the work while the vocals back up the drums with a fast edgy in your face method that just stands out, letting the guitars build up creating a solo lasting throughout the track. One other tune that sticks out above all the rest has to be “Need To Exist,” a more mellower song but still impacts that in your face fast driven attitude and style of aggression you just love to expect. The music is well played and goes fast and easy showing you a side and style that Odium has created all their own, maintaining a strong fan base and touring boundlessly enough as it is, fans of Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Soilwork and Darkest Hour will fall head over heels for this unique style of music that has a constant tone and repeating beat.