We all know not to play with razors but in this case an exception is made. With Onheil’s “Razor,” it adds that sensational black metal that adds an extra layer of heaviness and maturity from their older work. ?Musically Awake,? is slow burning, super gloomy, and heavy as hell; lethal mix of heavy guitars and growling vocals. There are also quite a few excellent lead breaks and lines, a good example of these can be found in tracks “Out Of The Darkness It Comes,” “All Hope Dies,” Day Of Departure,” and “The Fallen Kingdom.” Vocally speaking most of the tunes have that guttural and growling vibration but there is an occasional clean vocal thrown in for good measure from time to time. The guitars showcase that fuse of uniqueness and fast driven exposure easily crafting out riffs and solos that keep the music flowing non-stop. While the drumming is upbeat and has galloping sense added to it, making it that more catchy and ear grabbing to listen in on. When the vocals take over they have their moments as well being clean one minute and growling their feelings the next leaves them to do their own thing, blending in the end balancing out the music as a equal source. All in all though ?Razor,? is an album that captures Onheil?s musical talents from all angles, showing off their skills and instrumental craftsmanship altogether. This album being one you can listen to where it doesn?t sound the same each time through.