Out Of Your Mouth

What do you know that has came out of your mouth? I’m sure you can list a billion things but that would take all day don’t you agree?

So let’s get right onto the point, Out Of Your Mouth is actually the name of this newest development in the music world of rock and roll they’ve aggressive sides of rock music spend sound waves spreading far and wide with their release of “Draghdad,” consisting of 12-tracks of pure exictment from beginning to end. Dishing out that raw energy rock music is well known for, espeically on such tunes as “Music,” “Last Day Alive,” and The Dream,” each of these has their own meaning and creative that uplifting spirt that floats and fliters away spreading its magical dust everywhere it sight.

When it comes to “Music,” this tune not only means what it says but it creates that upbeat fast pacing tone that draws you ever so closer to it that you can’t resist not wanting to give it a listen… When it comes too “Last Day Alive,” and “The Dream,” well these two just take the cake and go easily well together hand in hand to be exact, each one telling a breif tale for one another, such as “Last Day Alive,” it details the last moments you have on this forsaken plaent and then once you’re time has come up, you enter the world of dreams entitled “The Dream,” for this land of mystery is your home of all your beloved dreams all coming to life.

Overall you end up getting it all after you’ve experienced the fast driven energy that is Out Of Your Mouth and their latest installment of “Draghdad.”