Rising up from the underground music blues scene, songwriter/musician Peach has critics talking non-stop, saying she claims to have vocal qualities similar to that of Maria Maldaur and Bonnie Raitt. Peach’s latest achievement “The Real Thing,” finds herself accompanied by a group of playmates that includes blues legend Taj Mahal, who shares a duet with Peach on the title track. Garth Hudson of The Band, Paul Barrere (Little Feat), James Gadson, Lee Thornburg, Amos Garrett and Reggie McBride, show their contributions to “The Real Thing,” as well showcasing their true musical talents and abilities to their finest points. Peach on the other hand has made an album with 13-tracks of absolute fun with upbeat catchy lyrics to find yourself singing along too to then finding yourself nodding your head to the beat of the music. Some tracks that draws you into the music the most, includes “Lie Down,” “Beyond My Wildest Dreams,” “The Cure For You,” along with the ones that includes Garth Hudson’s showing off his worthy skills, from the keyboards, to the saxophone right down to the accordion. Peach has got the talent along with the well rounded writing ability which is in full blown effect from start to finish. “The Real Thing,” is indeed a real thing to listen in on, if you don’t then you have missed out on the bluest craziest adventure to date.