Pistol Day Parade

Pistol Day Parade’s latest installment EP “She Wants More,” gives you more, of what you want and what you love from these guys which is pure rock and roll. Merging in 2007 the Detroit music scene was in the dust haven’t been touched in ages until now when the talents of give highly respected musicians broke the boundaries of the Detroit music scene alive and running with complete madness.

Blending their musical talents and skills these musicians are 100% original. Dishing out 5-tracks of pure rock and roll madness gives you that adrealine junkie rush and feel you just weren’t expecting to recieve. Pistol Day Parade embarks on a guitar soloing riff roaring roller coaster ride having non-stop screams and shouts made from the vocalist and instruments in between, during such numbers as “Save Me,” “Rockstar’s Girlfriend,” and “Better,” each of these three handing out that rocking vibration juice just waiting to be poured right on top of you.

For the styles and likings of other rock and rollers such as Daybreak Ends, Alice in Chains routes along with a mixture of Metallica this rock and roll high flying advenute is sure not to disappoint that rock and roll junkie buried deep inside of you.